How we started out

For several decades, our family’s main source of income came from breeding livestock and cultivating mixed crops, alternating wheat, maize and forage. As time went by, we flanked these activities with the cultivation of hazelnuts and vineyards, also in the nursery for a while.

Our passion

Passion is our strength, a value that we have handed down from father to son for three generations and which has brought us with determination to where we are today.

The skil

Tending our vineyards ourselves is our way of creating a link with the land, the vines, the sun and the wind. All essential elements for our wines, which are born in the vineyard.

Cantina Smeraldo

We are committed to producing genuine wines that enrich taste and soul.

Brief history

We initially sold our grapes, grown in four hectares of estate-owned vineyards, to the local cooperative cellar, but things changed in 1988, when Franco and Valter decided to convert the farm into a winegrowing estate. We turned the animal sheds into a cellar and made considerable investments to purchase the equipment we needed. This was the first year in which we proudly vinified our grapes.

The results

Today Valter and Giuseppe, Franco’s son, directly manage 15 hectares of vineyard in the municipalities of Calamandrana and Castel Boglione, taking care of all the cellar activities (vinifying, bottling and directly selling the wine).

The future

We would like the wines of Cantina Smeraldo to become ambassadors of the territory, not only on Italian tables, but all over the world.